Tesla Stock: A Guide for Investors to Learn About the Future of Electric Cars


Tesla Stock has changed the world of electric cars with its new Roadster, Model S and the forthcoming Model X. The former two are sports cars while the latter is a family hatchback. The three models have different specifications and pricing. The upcoming Model 3 is aimed at the mass market, while the Model S and the Model X are premium offerings.

Tesla stock is a popular investment among individual and institutional investors. With the company’s plans to enter the Indian market, the demand for (TSLA) stock is expected to rise further. This article examines the facts about investing in Tesla stock, the risks and potential benefits.

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What is Tesla stock?

(TSLA) stock is an equity that trades on select American and international stock exchanges. The most common way to purchase shares in Tesla is directly from the company through a broker. It can also be bought through a fund that holds shares in Tesla’s stock.

Tesla is a manufacturer of electric cars, which includes a range of its own cars, as well as electric powertrain components to other automobile manufacturers. The company produces its vehicles in locations such as Fremont, California in the US, and Tilburg in the Netherlands.

Tesla stock is listed on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker symbol “NASDAQ: TSLA.” From a mere $2 share price on June 16, 2013, the stock has increased in price by more than 1,000% so far.

Tesla’s ticker symbol: NASDAQ

Tesla can raise funds through an initial public offering (IPO), or the sale of equity, through the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The company has applied to list its shares on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “TSLA” but has not yet been approved.

Tesla uses the NYSE symbol “T” because “T” is the 10th letter of the alphabet, which also represents “Tesla” in the English language. Tesla’s ticker symbol on NASDAQ is “NASDAQ: TSLA,” which solves this issue.

Tesla Stock Analysis: A Look at the Numbers


Tesla produces three different models of electric cars: Model S, Model X, and Model 3. The Model S comes in a saloon variant, a luxury saloon variant, and a fully electric variant called Model S All-Weather. The Model X is a crossover SUV and an All-Terrain Model X (Titan) is also available. Last but not the least, the Model 3 is Tesla’s most affordable electric car.


The Tesla Model S is the most expensive Tesla car. The base model starts at $70,000 and goes up to $135,000 for the top-end model. The Model X starts at $79,500 and ends at $112,500 for a fully loaded model. The Model 3 is the cheapest Tesla car and starts at $35,000.


Is Tesla Stock a Good Investment?

Tesla is a great choice for investors who want a high-growth stock with a promising future. The automotive manufacturer has proven its potential to turn a profit, and the demand for its cars is expected to rise further as the company ramps up production.

The fact that (TSLA) has made it to the list of the most valuable automakers, as well as the most promising newcomers that investors should watch, suggests that the stock is a great investment.

(TSLA) does have potential risks, however. The company’s profit margins are expected to narrow as it narrows down on increasing production and ramping up sales. And there is a chance that Tesla may not meet its target production numbers for its cars.

Tesla has also received a lot of negative publicity, including claims that its cars have malfunctioned in several fatal crashes, and a lawsuit against it by investors who claim they were misled by the company.

Final Words: Should You Buy (TSLA) Stock?

Tesla has a lot of potential to become the leader in the electric car market. Its cars are also very high-tech and offer a range of cutting-edge features. The Tesla brand also has a lot of potential, and the demand for Tesla cars is expected to rise further as the company ramps up production.

All these factors make for a compelling story for investors who want to get in on (TSLA) stock early. The company’s profitability is likely to rise as it tightens its production and sales, and the Tesla brand also has a lot of potential.

However, Tesla stock is a high-risk investment, and there are several factors that you should consider before investing. Please do your own research before buying Tesla stock.

Updated on April 24, 2022 : This story was published at an earlier date and has been updated with new information.

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